The Carnival of Gallipoli – 23 and 25 February

… The most glamorous carnival in Italy is upon us!

Very little is missing for the most awaited appointment of the Gallipoli winter.

For days, there has been an air of celebration, on the streets there is a fantastic atmosphere: masks come to life and the scent of “chatter” invade the senses and awaken the memories of when you were a child.

Young and old, I am anxiously waiting! On the streets, he expects nothing else to enjoy the parades with masked groups and allegorical floats.
The carnival of Gallipoli is a historical and unique event of its kind.

In the past, the Carnival was held only in the streets of the ancient village of Gallipoli, invaded by thousands of masks from all walks of life; people in masks pushed those present to laugh and joke, among confetti and sarcastic ideas.

Today, the Gallipoli carnival takes place on Corso Roma, a stone’s throw from the Xilhotel.

The affected area can be reached on foot in a few minutes.
Do not miss the opportunity to experience the most beautiful event of the year!
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